Latest updates

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SVPRO v6.0.0-beta.4

This release brings the following highlights:

  • Introductory video at
  • A large number of changes in the flags which were updated for consistency reasons, see the release notes for a full list. This is a breaking change!
  • A new command list to get a list of all tools that are available.
  • A number of bug fixes or feature enhancements in rtp flood to bring it up to scratch with the sip commands.
  • Lots of bug fixes in various attack tools!

SVPRO v6.0.0-beta.3

This is a bug fixing release with the main changes having to do with the documentation site, The beta form is no longer available in preparation of our commercial release. In terms of bug fixes:

  • fixed a case of the SIP callee utility hanging upon registration failure.
  • SIP call utility now supports DTMF payloads.

SVPRO v6.0.0-beta.2 takes input from other tools for password cracking and user friendly warnings :)

This release brings the following highlights:

  • The SIP password cracker now takes input from STDIN so that tools such as hashcat’s maskprocessor can be used to generate passwords or combinations of credentials; see the documentation for examples
  • A number of common mistakes are detected so that the tool can issue a warning and helpful suggestions
  • Polishing of the SIP fuzzer, now randomizes SIP methods by default unless one specifies which SIP message to fuzz
  • A number of bug fixes, of course!

SVPRO v6.0.0-beta.1 brings a new SIP fuzzer and enhancements for automation

We have the following highlights with this release:

  • New fuzzing tools - sip fuzz method. This used to be in a separate internal tool called gasoline (see our toolset page); this now been polished and has joined the SVPRO toolset; this has been used to identify vulnerabilities in Kamailio (advisory), sngrep (advisory 1 and 2) and other SIP servers
  • Tool results provided at the end of a test are now standardized with a JSON schema so that they can easily be parsed or used to produce reports by third-party tools
  • Exit codes updated for future compatibility when using it within automation systems
  • Full IPv6 support across all tools
  • Documentation site is now refreshed, and central to SIPVicious PRO at
  • And of course, various bug fixes